Sunday, November 16, 2014

DJ Michael Terzian - Foot Ta' Ass

Montreal's DJ Michael Terzian in the mix, with his latest effort, simply entitled "Foot Ta' Ass", an expression used to denote the art of dancers getting served on the dance-floor (i.e.: getting their asses kicked) by their favourite deejay! The in-your-face title sheds light on what one should expect from this mix : unadulterated, raw, relentless beats, with hints of soul sprinkled all over. Enjoy!
Michael was the producer, host and deejay of the weekly Salvation From Sin radio show on Montreal's CJLO 1690 ( which ran for over 3 years, ending in October 2013. Since July 2013, he's taken over the reigns as Music & Programming Director on the "Deep" channel of the mighty

3x Technics 1200 (turntables)
1x Pioneer CDJ400 (CD player)
1x Allen & Heath Xone 62 (mixer)

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